In Via Holy Matrimony Crucifix

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The In Via Holy Matrimony Crucifix brings the sacrament of marriage into a crucifix.

The Sword represents how prayer is our weapon to defend marriage. To defend the sanctity of marriage, the family, married couples and our own marriages. 

Two wedding bands, representing husband and wife, intersect around Jesus to remind us that it takes three to marry; God, husband and wife.

There are two hearts at each end of the cross, fastening down the wedding bands to remind us of our love for God; for our cross, will keep our marriages together.

There is a third heart in the middle, where the wedding bands intersect over Jesus, to remind us that in marriage two hearts become one with God. 

Dimensions of crucifx:

Height: 1 3/4''

Width: 3/4''

Chain: 22'' long 2cm wide stainless steel rope chain. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
michelle ventura
Wedding gift

I’m excited to give this to my fiancé on our wedding day!!
I loved it!!! I’m sure he will also.❤️ Our wedding is November 21, 2020. We plan on receiving the sacrament even if we have to postpone the reception. God’s Will Be Done 🕊
Keep us in your prayers. 🙏

Nathan Davison
Wonderful piece!!!

I ordered one of these for my brother who is engaged. It is absolutely beautiful and really reminds a person of the sacred bond of marriage. Great job!!!!

Douglas Ferrell

Purchased one for myself and my wife. We both enjoy wearing them and are utterly in awe that such an amazing piece of art exists that allows us to express and show our love through Gods Holy Sacrament of Marriage.

Alissa Webster
Great gift for my future husband!

I'd been searching for a gift to give my fiancé before our wedding, and came upon this crucifix. I can't wait to give it to him on our wedding day! When it came in the mail, I opened it and it is exactly what I hoped it would be. This will also work great as a place holder for his wedding band while he's at work because he works with his hands all day. I couldn't be happier with this purchase!

Jackson Turner
Cant wear my metal wedding my ring because of my job so this is my replacement!

Now I can finally leave a review. I thought they would have this feature a while back but at least its here now. I work in construction and I cant wear a metal wedding band for safety reasons. I do wear a rubber ring but I feel like there's no a lot of significance to rubber. Then I bought this a while back to show I am happily married and it brought back then sense of significance a metal ring does. The build is good with a lot of detail. My wife likes that I wear it everyday lol

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