Marriage Elevates Your Life By: Forever Feolino

August 06, 2019

Marriage Elevates Your Life  By: Forever Feolino

      Before meeting my husband, Raphy, I never thought about marriage as something religious or spiritual. I viewed marriage as something you do to have a wedding, children and live happily ever after like so many movies suggest. 
      Nowadays, it is felt that there isn't a need to marry because you can have sex, children and live with your significant other without the full commitment of marriage. BUT SHOULD WE? 
       Together we learned that Holy Matrimony is sacred, beautiful and full of sacrificial/unconditional love. Marriage is a commitment, which offers security over your heart. Marriage is a journey to bring each other to heaven. Don't get me wrong... Marriage isn't always fine and dandy, but what in life is? Marriage is full of teamwork and like any team, you must be clear of your mission and know what direction you're going in. Successful teams use effective communication that is open, honest and respectful, and of course, there's an element of trust.  
        Raphy and I advocate for marriage, specifically one that is a covenant with God, not just a contract. We want to share the beauty of marriage and how it elevates your life. So often we hear "Marriage is hard", "Marriage is settling down", "Marriage is restrictive", and "Marriage is a lot of work". There are many reasons why people could say these things but whatever the reason is, we want to share how marriage is easy, elevating, and freeing! 
      Marriages & families are the foundation of society. If marriages are strengthened, then our families and our society will strengthen as well. Invest in your marriage today!  
May God continue to bless your marriage,
Sara & Raphy Feolino

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