Miracle in Michigan

July 23, 2018

Miracle in Michigan

         God truly will guide us whether we notice His guidance or not. When we reflect on our paths, most of the time, it’s easier to look back and see His influence rather than to notice it in the moment.  For two of our Catholic Millennials it was very obvious that God’s influence just connected their lives to bring some guidance to a prayer. I’ll Explain the story as it unfolded and you can decide if this is a God-gifted miracle or a major coincidence.  


        Rosa messaged me today saying she had a “CRAZY” story to tell me and she “thinks it’s a miracle.” Rosa is a friend I met through the @the.catholic.millennials page on Instagram. She was one of the first millennials to post on the page. Months after her first post we launched the In Via Sword of the Spirit Crucifix. I reached out to Rosa and a few other Catholic Millennials to see if they would like the crucifixes as gifts for their support. Knowing Rosa was dating a young man, I asked if he would like a crucifix as well. She explained that they lived far from each other, so she picked only one crucifix. About a month later, I received this message about the miracle she wanted to tell me about.


            Intrigued by what this miracle might be, I asked her to tell me! Rosa explained “So remember how you suggested to send a crucifix for my boyfriend too? Well I actually ended up going to see him. I had already told him about the crucifix and he was super excited because I’m buying one for him, but I didn’t take it to my trip because I was in a rush and didn’t pack it. We went to adoration to this little cozy chapel… Last night we were FaceTiming, and we’ve had several attacks from the enemy, he obviously doesn’t want us together. We were doubting if our relationship is actually God’s will (even if He has told us so sooo many times). So, the friend who introduced us recently visited that chapel and messaged my boyfriend to tell him that I lost my crucifix there. So, my boyfriend told me and sent me a picture. I was like “No, I have mine here. But it’s literally the Sword of the Spirit Crucifix, and it appears out of nowhere when we’re doubting God’s plan. Like how cool is that!? In a nutshell; when we were doubting that we are supposed to be together, the crucifix appears in the chapel! So, I just figured that the Lord is using something that I have to let us know that we’re headed in the right direction!”


            When I read Rosa’s message and saw the photo of the Silver Sword of the Spirit Crucifix hanging on the statue of the Holy family I was really confused. I was trying to figure this out. How was this at all possible? Rosa’s crucifix was Rose Gold and the crucifix in the picture was silver. The crucifix was definitely my In Via Sword of the Spirit design, but only 3 silver crucifixes have been released at this point. What were the chances that 1 of 3 silver crucifixes in the whole USA of my design ended up at the exact same chapel where the person who introduced Rosa and her boyfriend happened to be praying? Who put the crucifix on the statue of the Holy family around the time they were seeking Gods guidance in their relationship?


            With these questions in my mind I responded to the Rosa the only way I knew how at that point. I told her “What!? That’s impossible...” I checked the inventory and knew that only one silver Sword of the Spirit Crucifix was sent to the state of Michigan. This crucifix was also given as a gift to Sandra, who also posted on @the.catholic.millennials Instagram page. I reached out to Sandra and explained Rosa’s story. I then sent her the picture of the silver crucifix hanging in the chapel on the Holy Family Statue. Sandra responded, “I think I just got the biggest goosebumps of life.” Sandra then continued to explain to me the story;


“When I received the crucifix, I loved it and so did my brother. My family is very traditional, and my mother just didn’t feel right keeping it for some reason. My mom kept telling us she felt like we should give it away. I didn’t really understand why? When I asked her, she said “I just want you to give it away. I think you should put it in the grotto. I frequent that grotto often, I put it there. I left it in the In Via pouch on these shelves when you enter the grotto. The shelves are always stacked with books, rosaries, and other keepsakes for people to take and donate as they like. That where I put it because my mother wanted me to. I never in my life would have expected such a beautiful & miraculous ending to this story though.”


            Amazed and feeling very blessed to see this story unfold I still had many unanswered questions. Who took the In Via pouch off the shelf, pulled out the Sword of the Spirit Crucifix and hung it on the statue of the Holy Family?  Why did Sandra’s mom want her to give it away? What were the odds the Rosa and Sandra were at the same grotto in Michigan because Rosa doesn’t even live in that state?  They don’t even know each other.


            I’ve learned that part of faith comes from not needing answers. Just learning to be amazed by God's guidance and having the strength to follow. Especially when we recognize it being lived out in front of us. What do you think? Was this a miracle answer to Rosa’s prayers? An answer where by the grace of God, Sandra helped play a part even though she didn’t realize it at the time? Or is this just a coincidence? Was being a part of the same Instagram page a coincidence? Praying at the same grotto a coincidence? Was having the same crucifix a coincidence? Was the Holy Family Statue a coincidence? Was the timing a coincidence? I know what I think. What do you think?

 God be with you on your mission 

                         -Christian J.L

 Actual photo from Grotto: